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Drs. Kevin Antshel, Steve Maisto and Aesoon Park create programming to reduce stimulant misuse in undergraduates.

Nov 4, 2016


Recent research suggests one-third of undergraduate students nationwide misuse, or are at risk for misusing stimulants, such as the commonly prescribed ADHD medication Adderall. With funding from biotechnology company Shire, psychology associate professor Kevin Antshel is creating programming to reduce misuse prevalence.

Antshel, joined by psychology associate professor Aesoon Park and professor Stephen Maisto, are using the two-year, $96,150 grant to create a new “prevention intervention” program to be implemented during freshman orientation. The program’s goal is to head off inappropriate stimulant use before it ever starts.

“Colleges across the country are already equipped to do prevention interventions for alcohol and for marijuana, but there really are not any for stimulant misuse in undergraduates,” Antshel says.

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