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Dr. George Langford (Distinguished Professor of Neuroscience) inspires Syracuse high school students as part of the HistoryMaker Program.

Nov 4, 2016


This fall, George Langford, biology professor and former dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, stood before an audience of Syracuse high school students as part of the HistoryMaker program and encouraged them to commit to a life of excellence. Langford’s championing of education and outreach also prompted him to a nominate friend and colleague, UC San Francisco professor Bruce Alberts, for an honorary degree in 2014. Alberts won a prestigious Lasker award this fall.

Inspired by his family’s path from slavery to the segregated south to University leadership, Langford’s commitment to education and outreach runs deep. Born into slavery in 1805, his great-great-grandfather taught himself to read and write, even though it was against the law. With his newly acquired literacy he earned enough money to buy his family’s freedom.

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