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Something Fishy about Genetics

Mar 24, 2017


Standing between two towering rows of tiny, green, bubbling tanks, 9th-grader Drarton Harris gazes up in amazement. A thousand eyeballs stare back.

“I’ve never seen so many fish in one place! It’s like a fish museum!”

Drarton is one of two dozen students who visited Syracuse University this month as one of two High School Biology Apprenticeship Days sponsored by the Lewis Lab in the Biology Department in the College of Arts and Sciences. Students from the Institute of Technology at Syracuse Central (ITC) spent the afternoon touring the Life Sciences Complex, conducting hands-on experiments, talking to Biology undergraduates and, of course, meeting the fish.   

Kate Lewis, associate professor of biology, has lead the outreach program for the past five years, hosting over 150 high school students from the city of Syracuse and Central New York. The program is a unique component of a multi-year National Science Foundation (NSF) grant that funds her research work identifying key regulatory genes that instruct cells to grow into a particular population of spinal cord nerve cells. She mostly uses zebrafish, or Danio rerio, for her research.

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