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Ph.D. Candidate Attends Neurochemistry Flagship School with Top Scholars in Austria

Mar 15, 2017


Ph.D. candidate Sheila Shahidzadeh focuses her studies on the complexities and ever-evolving connections in the human brain. Her interests and passion for neuroscience led her to a weeklong school in Austria where she was among other top scholars to dig deeper into a specific area in the field.

Shahidzadeh, who is pursuing a Ph.D. in biology with a concentration in neuroscience in Professor Sandra Hewett’s laboratory, was one of 40 Ph.D. and postdoctoral researchers from around the world—and only one of two from the United States—chosen for the inaugural International Society for Neurochemistry–Journal of Neurochemistry (ISN-JNC) Flagship School last fall. As part of the school’s topic, “The malleable brain: plasticity of neural circuits and behavior,” the scholars heard from international scientists, took part in discussions, and presented posters on their work.

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