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Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Program Welcomes Two New Faculty

Jan 21, 2015


The Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Program kicked-off the new year in good footing by welcoming two new faculty members to the ever-expanding community of experts at SU who have come together to foster the understanding of the brain and the many diseases linked to it. Dr. Carlos Castañeda, an assistant professor in biology and chemistry, will use his expertise in structural biology and biophysics to study how post-translational modifications of RNA-binding proteins alter their structure and function in relation to neurodegenerative disorders while Dr. Shikha Nangia, an assistant professor in the department of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering, will utilize her expertise to identify molecular-level strategies to enable the transport of drug molecules across the blood-brain barrier. Specifically, she seeks to develop and apply theoretical and computational techniques to elucidate the structure of the blood-brain barrier tight junctions. 


More information about each individual's research can be found at the links below: 


Dr. Castañeda Dr. Nangia


A full listing of faculty members in the program and information about their research is available here: Neuroscience Faculty


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