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Neuro/Bio graduate student Sheila Shahidzadeh awarded fellowship to attend Neurochemistry meeting in the Austrian Alps

Jul 2, 2016


Ms. Sheila Shahidzadeh,  a biology/neuroscience graduate student in S. Hewett’s laboratory, has been accepted with travel support to the 2016 ISN-JNC Flagship School:

“The malleable brain: plasticity of neural circuits and behavior” to be held in Alpbach, Austria from September 12th – 18th 2016.


This new initiative of the International Society for Neurochemistry and its journal JNC aims at advanced state-of-the art education of young neuroscience researchers selected through a competitive process.


From the website:


“The first ISN-JNC Flagship School will cover basic molecular and cell biology of synaptic plasticity, motor learning and associative learning in simple systems, critical periods and developmental plasticity, navigation, birdsong, language learning, pathological consequences and societal implications in medicine and education. Confirmed speakers: Gina Turrigiano, Erin Schumann, Tobias Bonhoeffer, Josh Trachtenberg, Bence Olvecky, Reza Shadmer, Florian Engert, Glenn Turner, Gilles Laurent, Loren Frank, and  Barry Dickson.”



Congratulations Sheila!!


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